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 Juris Club Law Journal (JCLJ) is a peer-reviewed, academic journal, published online which seeks to provide an interactive forum for generating awareness for broad and dynamic legal and social issues, contributed by jurists, practitioners, law professors and students having immense informative value. The object behind the journal is to bring in the close insights of the various contemporary and current issues of law to the readers. Participation in this journal provides an opportunity for authors for concentrated study in specific areas of the law and enhances their skills in legal research writings and analysis.


The articles published are also available for open access at ‘Journal’ & ‘Blog’ section of JCLJ’s website i.e, The Editorial Board is dynamic; the Journal offers a platform to the contributors to address the evolution and new areas of interest in law, public administration, forensic science & social sciences. It is open to tread beyond the conventional strategies of contemplation or explication on select fundamentals, beliefs, knowledge, techniques, and procedures that are indispensable to the legal academic discourse.

JCLJ grants a conducive opportunity for publication in the field of legal and social issues by the way of Articles, Research Papers, Essays, Case Commentaries to develop the mastery of writing in law fanatics and strengthen their ideation and enthusiasm. JCLJ is highly devoted to elevating the layer of interaction and discourse by encouraging Aspiring Students, Research Scholars, Professionals from the industry, the Bar, and the Bench to make a contribution to the legal realm.

The journal not only confines its scope to the latest and contemporary developments in the legal world but also puts light on the legal issues, with scientific research, facts and inside-study backing such information.

The aim of this journal is to spread legal awareness and to bring out and propagate the opinion of the legal fraternity so that the developments in the legal field help in imparting justice at every level and to every section of the society. We, at JCLJ believe in the principles of justice, morality and equity for all. 

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