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Authors are expected to adhere to the following submission guidelines:

  • The JCLJ welcomes and accepts submissions on a rolling basis throughout the calendar year from members of the bar, legal professionals, law students, or others who are interested in publishing with us and wish to further legal discourse.

  • Submissions must be original and free from any plagiarism. Any plagiarism shall not be allowed in any circumstances.

  • Submissions can be made in the form of blog posts, articles, case comments on the aforementioned laws.

  • Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

  • The title of any submission must be inquisitive and should not be more than 10 words.

  • The article must be within the word limits of 800- 1500 words. Authors must keep their articles precise and concise to ensure reader friendliness. Authors are advised to make a compact summary in the initial paragraph. The language must be simple and free from excessive jargons.

  • Authors should use Endnotes and not Footnotes, in citation format of 20th Bluebook Harvard Citation. However, relevant authorities and sources must be mentioned in the text or hyperlinked and advised not to use endnotes.

  • Wherever case law, statutory materials or other resources are being referred to, appropriate links must be provided to those in the endnotes or the text itself.

Submission Details

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